AFCEA has been a sponsor of Hope Children’s Home for many years. In the past, the organization’s involvement has revolved around Christmas, providing gifts for the children and giving a donation to the home to help with operating expenses. But Hope Children’s Home cares for approximately 70 children year round. Your charitable donation, no matter when it is given, will help them with their day-to-day care of the children. Examples of normal expenses they face are:

  • $14,000 per month utility bill
  • $1,500 annually per child for education
  • $160 per child for school uniforms
  • $500 per month for milk and juice
  • $100 per month for Eggs
  • Children’s Off-Property Activities such as spending money for sports games.

Please consider giving to Hope Children’s Home as they care for these underprivileged children. You may make a donation by completing the form below. We also offer a donation option with most purchases made through this web site.

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