15 October 2006


SEC 1: The Tampa-St. Petersburg (Pelican) Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) has a long-standing tradition of supporting the advancement of the excellence in technology, professionalism, and education as they relate to the vital areas of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence (C4I), electronics, audiovisual and information systems.

SEC 2: AFCEA is a professional association chartered in Washington, D.C. as an educationallyoriented,
non-profit, technical society. Its mission is:

  • To promote industry-government cooperation in developing effective C4I and information capabilities including the development, manufacture and operation of equipment and systems, and provision of services in communications, electronics, computers, intelligence systems, command and control, audiovisual, and technical photography;
  • To contribute to the professional development of those serving in the C4I field;
  • To support the advancement of education in technology through various scholarship programs.
  • To promote the development of professional ties through social activities.
    To accomplish its mission, the association provides the AFCEA forum-the environment wherein government and the military can discuss their requirements and industry can display their products and technology, and educate others regarding scientific and technological advances applicable to government requirements.

SEC 1: Membership in the Chapter shall conform to the requirement set forth in the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) thereafter referred to as the Association by-laws. Chapter membership shall be open to any citizen who is accepted as an Association member. The Chapter shall not discriminate in regard to race, color, creed, sex, age or national origin.


SEC 1: The government of the Chapter shall be vested in the Executive Committee and will be conducted in accordance with the Constitution and the Chapter By-Laws. The members of the Executive Committee shall be the elected Officers of the Chapter and appointed Chairpersons of the Standing Committees. The Officers shall be elected for a term of one year (unless reelected) and their terms of office shall terminate at the January Meeting of the Chapter each year, or at a designated date after their successors have been duly elected. The Officers shall be a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Standing Committees are: Publicity, Awards, Membership, Programs, Scholarship and Education, Corporate Membership, Young AFCEANs, Small Business, and the Chairperson-at-Large. As used herein, 'Chairperson' also includes Co-Chairpersons, when applicable.

SEC 2: The Executive Committee is comprised of the Chapter Officers and Standing Committee chairpersons. The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies within its membership. A vacancy of the President shall be filled by the First Vice President of the Chapter. The Executive Committee will meet at least monthly, or at the call of the President. At least five (5) members of the Committee must be present to constitute a quorum.

SEC 3: The Executive Committee shall have supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the Chapter, its committees, and its publications; shall determine its policies and changes therein; shall actively prosecute its objectives and supervise the disbursement of funds. The Executive Committee shall recommend changes to the Chapter Constitution and By-Laws for Chapter Membership approval.

SEC 4: The National Council Members shall be elected or appointed among the members of the Chapter who expect to attend the annual convention. National Council members shall be elected or appointed prior to May 1st each year, or at the direction of AFCEA International.

SEC 5: The Steering Committee shall be an advisory committee of senior military, DoD Civilians and Corporate personnel. Specifically the members of the Steering Committee shall include: Director, Command, Control, Communications and Computers, United States Central Command; Director, Intelligence, United States Central Command; Director, Intelligence, United States Special Operations Command; Director, Center for Networks and Communications, United States Special Operations Command; Commander, 6th Communications Squadron; Commander, Defense Information Systems Agency United States Central Command; Commander Defense Information Systems Agency United States Special Operations Command; and Commander, Joint Communications Support Element. The Steering Committee will provide guidance to the Executive Committee and overall support for Chapter


SEC 1: The Chapter shall hold a designated Annual Meeting during a luncheon. The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be the election of Officers of the Chapter and to address such other matters as may be decided upon by the Executive Committee. The Annual Meeting shall be held not earlier than 1 September and not later than 1 December of each year. Newly elected Officers will begin their terms of office at the January chapter meeting each year.


SEC 1: Expenditures for the normal transaction of Chapter business must be approved by the President not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00). Expenditures in excess of this amount must be approved by the Executive Committee. All financial obligations must be authenticated by the Treasurer of the Chapter. The financial records of the chapter will be audited annually by a committee which shall consist of the Treasurer and two members of the Chapter appointed by the Executive Committee. This audit will be a permanent part of the treasurer's report.


SEC 1: Editorial and significant changes to the Amendments of this Constitution may be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee or upon petition addressed to the President; said petition shall be signed by not less than thirty percent of the total members of the Chapter. When the executive committee deems it appropriate due to significance of the proposed amendment, proposed amendments will be made available to the entire chapter membership for a vote.

SEC 2: When deemed appropriate, proposed amendments shall be submitted to the entire active membership at least ten (10) days before they are voted upon either by an electronically conducted vote or at a regular meeting. Proposed amendments may be included in the notice of regular meeting presented to the members at a meeting for purposes of voting on such changes at the following regular meeting, or proposed on the chapter's web page in conjunction with other announcements of the proposal.

SEC 3: Amendments which have been adopted by a majority of the members shall become effective upon receipt of approval by the National Association. A quorum for the purpose of approving amendments shall consist of 51 percent of the members in attendance on the date of the meeting, with a minimum of fifty (50) members present. If the vote is conducted electronically, a minimum of 75 votes must be submitted to qualify as a quorum.


1. AIMS AND PURPOSES: The aims and purposes of this Chapter shall be those set forth in the AFCEA International By-Laws, and as set forth in Section 2, Article I of the Chapter Constitution.

2. CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP: The classes of membership of this Chapter shall conform to
those defined in the AFCEA International By-Laws; i.e. Regular Membership, Life Membership,
Student Membership, Group Membership, Sustaining Membership, Honorary Membership, and
Allied Membership.

3. MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION - GENERAL: The term "members" except where specifically stated otherwise in the Constitution and in these By-Laws shall mean all classes of membership as described in paragraph 2 above. All members, except Honorary Members, may vote and/or hold office in the Chapter. All members are entitled to receive Chapter publications in electronic or hard copy form.

4. MEMBERSHIP DUES: Membership dues shall conform to the dues as outlined in the By- Laws of AFCEA International. Additional dues for local Chapter activities may be allocated, if necessary, upon approval by a majority vote of Chapter members.

5. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The following Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Chapter. Each Officer's and Chairperson's duties and responsibilities are outlined below.

  • President. The President shall have general supervisory responsibility for the affairs of the Chapter and shall perform the duties of that office. The President shall preside at the general meeting of the Chapter and at the Executive Committee meetings. The President shall be responsible for appointing the Standing Committee Chairpersons.
  • First Vice President. The First Vice President shall be the most senior officer of the Chapter next to the President. The First Vice President shall render assistance as required and in the absence of the President take over the duties of President. The First Vice President shall oversee the following Standing Committees: Publicity, Small Business, Membership and Scholarship and Education. The First Vice President shall review, revise and consult with the Committee Chairpersons fulfilling the requirements of their respective offices.
  • Second Vice President. The Second Vice President shall render assistance as required and in the absence of the First Vice President take over the duties of First Vice President. The Second Vice President shall oversee the following Standing Committees: Programs, Young AFCEANs, Corporate and Awards. The Second Vice President shall review, revise and consult with the Committee Chairpersons in fulfilling the requirements of their respective offices.
  • The Secretary will be responsible for keeping all administrative and historical records of the Chapter. The Secretary will maintain the minutes of all Executive Committee meetings and monitor/distribute all general correspondence. The Secretary will submit such reports as may be required by the Executive Committee and AFCEA International. He/she will publish minutes within ten calendar days of the Executive Committee meetings.
  • The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping and maintaining all financial records of the Chapter. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds. He/she will provide a financial status report at the Monthly Executive Committee meetings. The Treasurer shall render an annual report; proposed budget for following year and such special reports as may be called for by the Executive Committee.
  • The immediate Past-President shall automatically serve as the Chairperson at Large. The Chairperson at Large will perform such duties as may be assigned by the President. In the event the Past-President is unable to serve in this capacity, the position will be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee.

6. FISCAL: All Charitable donations must be in support of the C4I community. Each activity requesting funds from the Chapter must brief the Executive Committee, at least one month prior to the date needed for the funds. The briefing, as a minimum, should cover the following topics: specify the dollar amount, purpose of the funds, if the Chapter has sponsored the event in the past and background information about the organization. Disbursement of the funds will be granted if fifty percent of the Executive Committee agree to sponsor the activity.

7. AMENDMENTS: The By-Laws of this Chapter may be amended by majority vote of the members present at a regular membership meeting, when said proposed amendment is presented to all members of the Chapter ten days prior to the regular meeting. Any provision of the By-Laws may be waived by a simple majority of those members present at regular meeting where attendance is in excess of 50 members. The said waiver shall be in effect only for the period of time between regular meetings of the Chapter, or for a single situation which must be covered in the motion to waive the By-Laws.

8. COMMITTEES: The following standing and special committees shall be responsible for implementing the policies, procedures, and programs approved by the Executive Committee. Chairpersons for the Standing Committees, with the exception of the Chairman-at-Large, will be voting members of the Executive Committee. Special Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the Chapter President and be non-voting members of the Executive Committee. The Chairperson of each standing/special committee may appoint committee members as needed to execute their respective duties. Each Standing Committee Chairperson must develop objectives and a budget for their term of office. Duties of the Standing/Special Committees are as follows:
a. Standing Committees:

(1). Membership - The Membership Committee shall work toward strengthening and increasing Chapter membership among military, civilian, and corporate participants. Duties include: polls Chapter membership and reconciles, monthly, the national database with local membership strength. Notify the Awards Committee of members who have earned their
longevity pins.

(2). Programs - The Programs Committee shall be responsible for planning, arranging and conducting Chapter meetings and functions. The Chairperson of the Programs Committee shall ensure all the details relating to various Chapter meeting and social functions (e.g., guest speaker, seating, head table, menus, reservations, Industry Spotlight, corporate tables, fliers, badges, script for President, etc.) are accomplished.

(3). Publicity - The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for advertising events of the Chapter. Associated newsletter duties include: soliciting for articles from the Chapter Officers and other committee members, design/layout of the articles, proof-reading, printing, reproduction, and distribution to the membership. Additionally this committee shall ensure articles for national publications such as Signal Magazine, are written and submitted according to the prescribed format and prior to all deadlines. Ensure photographic coverage for AFCEA

(4). Scholarship and Education - The Scholarship and Education Committee shall, with the advice and concurrence of the Executive Committee, develop criteria and accept and review applications for scholarship support to be awarded by the Chapter. Criteria developed for scholarship competition shall be approved by the Executive Committee prior to solicitation of candidates. The recommendation(s) of the Scholarship Committee for scholarship support to be awarded shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval. Scholarship awards shall be announced after award at a regular membership meeting. The recipient(s) and not more than two family members (parents, spouse) shall be invited to attend the scholarship presentation luncheon as guests of the Chapter to receive their scholarship awards; additionally, if approved by the Executive Committee, the Chapter will provide (i.e. pay for) a Student Membership in AFCEA for each scholarship recipient. Serve as the focal point for the Teacher/Science Program, the Science Fair, and for any new scholarship/educational programs.

(5). Awards - The Awards Committee will solicit/seek out nominations for AFCEA International Awards and/or Chapter Awards. Criteria developed for Chapter Awards will be approved by the Executive Committee prior to solicitation for candidates. Other Awards will comply with the criteria established by AFCEA International. All nominations for awards must be approved by the Executive Committee. Other duties include ensuring pins for those members recognized for their service tenure as AFCEA members.

(6). Corporate - Maintain a database of corporate points of contacts, to include corporate table sponsors, for the Chapter. Actively solicit for new corporate members as well as maintain a viable and visible liaison with existing corporate members. With the President, conduct, on an annual basis, visits with the corporate leaders who are Chapter corporate table sponsors.

(7). Small Business - The Small Business Committee will act as the liaison for the Chapter to the AFCEA International Executive Committee for Small Business by representing the Chapter at monthly meetings. Act as the POC for small business corporate and table sponsors for the Chapter and disseminate relevant AFCEA small business topics of interest. Organize small business spotlights to highlight and encourage small business participation in the Chapter. Organize and host small business workshop for Chapter-sponsored TechNets.

(8). Young AFCEANs - The Young AFCEANs Committee shall act as the liaison to Chapter membership and the Chapter Executive Committee on behalf of all young AFCEAN members of the chapter. The committee shall look out for the welfare and promote the professional development of all young AFCEANs of the chapter. Additionally, the committee will propose and oversee approved functions for young AFCEANs, including: professional development trips, community service events, and attendance at AFCEA International sponsored events.

b. Special Committees:

(1). TechNet Chairperson - The President shall appoint a TechNet Chairperson to oversee the bi-annual Chapter Spring Exposition. The Chairperson will appoint the following Subcommittee Chairs: Programs, Transportation, Publicity/Advertising, Treasurer, Protocol, Awards, and Volunteers.

(2). Nominating Committee - The Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and at least two other members. The committee shall solicit for nominations and conduct the election not prior to the September but not later than the December general membership meetings. Additionally, the Committee shall plan and conduct the induction ceremony for the newly elected officers as part of the January program.

The above Constitution and By-Laws were approved by the Chapter Membership XXXX 2006