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The mission and vision of the Young AFCEAN's within the Pelican chapter is to improve the overall operation efficiency and effectiveness of the Young AFCEAN Program and to create more awareness of the program. In this effort as a team, we see the opportunity to create a strong differential between Young AFCEANs and other AFCEA members (in good context), to increase not only the quantity but the quality of prospective Young AFCEAN leaders and be a mentor to rising Young AFCEANs.


The value of being a Young AFCEAN as an industry person or active duty member isn't much different. There is much to gain! It's an exciting opportunity and as a chapter, YA's are strongly encouraged to take advantage of AFCEA for the following reasons:


-     Networking and mentorship through events and meetings.


-     The activities YA do (professional development, scholarship/education programs, community service/projects, recruiting/social activities) all provide great opportunities for networking (be it industry to industry, MIL to MIL or MIL to industry). Please note committee chairpersons contact information on Young AFCEAN page.


-     The atmosphere at the various AFCEAN functions, allows Young AFCEANs another forum to interface/do relationship building with diverse business professionals outside of "official business." For young military folks, the opportunity to interface with senior military personnel in a non-official atmosphere is huge.


-     For YAs that are not sure the military is a long-term career path, AFCEA gives them a great networking tool to help explore other opportunities/directions outside of their Chain of Command. (AFCEA does NOT want to be perceived as a recruitment tool away from the military).


 -     Being a YA enables one to being connected. The ability to connect with others in the same field, connect with the efforts of those outside of their field as well as provide a chance to give back to our community and be involved in the future of our field /community.

Many of the personnel in the association are working to support our military operations to improve our capabilities and facilitate our missions. It is rewarding to interact with those who are working to improve things for our military on the modern battlefields.

Overall AFCEA is a great association. To be involved as a YA is so valuable because our members are diverse and dynamic individuals representing an array of organizations and corporations all working to improve communication capabilities and networking for generations to come.

2018 Young AFCEAN
(YA) Objectives:

Objective 1: Receive Young AFCEAN Program Award


Objective 2: Nominate at least 1 YA for an AFCEA International Award and 3 YA for Chapter Awards


Objective 3: Position program to nominate and sponsor at least two young AFCEANs (DYA) to participate in AFCEA International events and facilitate active participation in Young AFCEAN Advisory Council


Objective 4: Provide professional development opportunities for young AFCEANs by facilitating visits to at least 2 communications-electronics facility


Objective 5: Continue to enhance our public service commitment by participating in at least 2 community service events


 AFCEAN Annual Holiday Celebration Luncheon

The Tampa St. Petersburg Pelican Chapter Young AFCEANs spearheaded the annual holiday celebration luncheon in December hosting our signature sponsorship organization, the Hope Children's Home (HCH). Every December our chapter partners with the Hope Children's home to donate gifts for the children and household items they need for their facility. (Background about HCH, Founded in 1968, Hope Children's Home has rescued nearly 5,000 children between the ages of infant to 18 years of age. Most of these children have been discarded, abused, unwanted, or orphaned although some of the children have simply come out of a situation where a parent just needed help. Our purpose at Hope Children's home is to share Christ with the children and while in our care to mold them into Biblically and Academically educated members of our future society. - See more at: Our chapter donated $3,000 in sponsoring 20 children and their "wish list." The Young AFCEANs went out and bought for these children, wrapped their gifts, and handed them out at the luncheon. We also were able to donate a check to the home for close to $6,000 as well as donating over an additional $7,500 in items the home needed and other unwrapped gifts.  In return, some of the children shared their personal story as to how they arrived at the HCH, all of the children from ages 3 to 18 sang Christmas carols, danced, networked among the membership, spread the word about how to get more involved with the organization specifically academically and within STEM related areas. This heartfelt event is extremely touching and impressionable to all those engaged.

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